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Faithful Friends Portraits - Beautiful pet portraits, animal art and wildlife paintings in acrylic by Nicky Jones



Nicky Jones  -  Animal Artist / Wildlife Artist / Botanical Artist

Covering a wide range of subjects including Animal Art, Pet Portraiture, Animal Portraits,

Animal Paintings, Wildlife Paintings, Wildlife Art, Nature Art, Bird Art, Miniature Art,

Botanical Art, Floral Paintings



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"..... I would just like to once again thank you for the fabulous portrait of Hector.  He is such an adorable character and you have somehow managed not only to catch the mischievous glint in his eye but his whole smiling happy carefree face which I think is quite incredible.  To say my husband was thrilled is an understatement - the portrait has taken pride of place in our living room and will be a reminder in the years to come of our beloved little guy.  Thanks again and I would love for you to use his portrait in your gallery so everyone can see the wonderful talent you have...."  K & C Stokes (View Hector's portrait in Dog Gallery I)



"Thank you again for the wonderful portrait of Benson and Musty, its so life like and a great tribute to them both!  I have alredy recommended you to 3 people this morning!!  My parents are so pleased too as its a birthday gift from them....."  H Goodman (View Musty and Benson's portrait in Dog Gallery I and Horse Gallery.)



"I thought I would give you an update on the portrait of Spencer you did.  I had it framed and mounted for my boyfriend and he absolutely loves it!!!!!!!!!!!  Both my family and my boyfriend's loved how much it looked like Spencer.  Thank you very much for your hard work, it was perfect.  I will definitely recommend you to others!"  S Godfrey (View Spencer's portrait in Dog Gallery I.)



"I received the portrait on my return from work today, all I can say is that I and my family were overwhelmed and yes the tears fell. It's him our lad....Feels so life like as if you could stroke him can not believe what a talent you have to capture him the detail is unbelieveable. Can I ask a question do you keep copies of your work if so I would be honored if you used the copy on your website gallery as I would like everybody possible to see what you  have done for me.  All my love, best wishes and greatest thanks." D Graham (View Toby's portrait in Dog Gallery I.)



"I had to write to tell you how thrilled I am with the portrait of Molly which my daughter Rachel gave me for Christmas.  I never thought I would have a picture of Molly as she is so camera shy but your portrait is absolutely amazing.  Not only have you managed to get the perfect look of her but somehow you have managed to capture the character of her too.  Molly had a hard life before being rescued by the RSPCA at the age of six and I know only too well that she is far from Crufts material but she is such a lovely dog and she is my shadow as she follows me everywhere.  Of all my rescue dogs, Molly is the one who really tugs at my heartstrings.  Last year you did that wonderful portrait of our dear old lurcher Jessie and so many people have commented on it.  You really are so talented.  Thank you so much once again for our wonderful portraits.  Best Wishes." N Barnard (View Molly's portrait in Dog Gallery I.)



"Just to say that Sally was thrilled with the portrait of Sophie and as I write we are just about to go and arrange for it to be framed.  We can’t believe how you have captured her button nose and the look in her eyes – absolutely perfect.  As I said in an earlier mail, what a talent!  It’s been an absolute pleasure being involved in this project with you and I can’t thank you enough for the care, skill and dedication you have used throughout the whole process."  Dr R Harrington (View Sophie's portrait in Dog Gallery I.)



"Thank you so much for the wonderful portrait of Scamp you painted for Gordon's birthday.  He is absolutely thrilled with it and you have captured his expression perfectly despite the photos not being so clear.  We will always treasure it and once it is framed it will have pride of place.....Once again - many many thanks!"  J Carling (View Scamp's portrait in Dog Gallery I.)



"My daughter, Rachel, commissioned a portrait of our darling lurcher Jessie as a Christmas present for us.....Over the years we have had many dogs (all rescue dogs) and Jessie came to us late in her life. She was a wonderful character and very easy to love so without doubt she will always have a special place in our hearts. We knew we were on borrowed time with her as she was quite old and sadly she died in October at the age of fifteen. As we were so upset after losing Jessie, Rachel wondered if she had done the right thing by having this portrait commissioned. Needless to say we were absolutely thrilled with the portrait. We have had pet portraits done before but they almost look like cartoons compared with this one of Jessie. Every day we look at it with amazement as it is so beautiful and you have really captured the very essence of her.....Yesterday I visited your web page to have a look at your other works of art and I was so thrilled to see Jessie's portrait there. I felt I had to write to you to thank you for all your efforts and to tell you how thrilled we are with the portrait. It is a wonderful momento to have of such a delightful animal. You are incredibly talented....Thank you so very much once again."  N Barnard

"Jessie's portrait arrived today and I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I am with it!  My mother, who is particularly missing Jessie at the moment, shed a tear when we opened it and I know my father will be thrilled with it on Christmas day.  I wouldn't have thought it possible a painting could be so much better than the real thing but you can see every hair of her coat and her eyes are glistening in it.  We really are thrilled, thank you so much."  R Barnard (View Jessie's portrait in Dog Gallery I.)



"The portrait of Zak is so life like. It captures his look and expression so completely.  Thank you Nicky for such a wonderful visual reminder of a companion that left us much too soon".  R & C Kerry (View Zak's portrait in Dog Gallery I.)



"Thank you for doing yet another beautiful portrait, yours really are the best ones I have ever seen.  My mother will love it!  I am sure we will be in touch again with another one when we get our next dog!  

Just wanted to let you know that she loved it and thought you captured Cannah perfectly, especially the nose.... don't know how you do it!  Thank you."   J Lamb (View Cannah's portrait in Dog Gallery I.)



"I organised this as a surprise for my husband's birthday.  I found firstly Nicky's website eyecatching and full of tips.  I'm always nervous using someone who is not a personal recommendation but I and my husband have no hesitation in giving our personal recommendation to offer confidence to others.  Nicky's customer service was brilliant and prompt in turnaround.  She's very clear on timescales.

The artwork: Wow!  Absolute spitting image of Tagg.  Both my husband and I were very emotional which really is testament to just how good Nicky's work is.  We feel blessed to have found Nicky."  S and T Wright (View Tagg's portrait in Dog Gallery I.)



"Earlier this year I won one of the raffles (for the Oldies Club [through www.cockersonline.co.uk]) for a pet portrait paperweight by Nicky at Faithful Friends Portraits....Have to say that I'm really pleased with it.  In fact, "I love it, love it, LOVE IT"....I'm also having a fridge magnet and postcard done as well (had to stop myself getting everything)....I have to say I think Nicky's done a fantastic job."  K White (View Roly's paperweight portrait in Miniatures Gallery I.)



"Just a quick note to say thank you so very, very much for the beautiful portrait of Rosie (Dog Gallery 1). 

When I unwrapped the portrait on the morning of our Anniversary I started crying because that was our Rosie "captured" on canvas for evermore.  The likeness is stunning and you've really captured the character in her eyes   We've shown the portrait to Rosie and she loves it!  

My Husband said dealing with you was a pleasure as you provided a very courteous, friendly service - everything you said you would do you did - which is becoming rare nowadays!  

Thank you so much."  J and M Sellick (View Rosie's portrait in Dog Gallery I.)



"Many thanks for my husband's 60th birthday present.  You painted the picture of Polly perfectly.  He thought it was wonderful, you captured her character so well.  I can't thank you enough, it's breathtaking."  S Stratford  (View Polly's portrait in Dog Gallery I.)



"The portrait of Bailey is Fantastic, my husband was very very close to tears when he opened it on his birthday.  The photos that you took of the portrait as you went along are also a brilliant record of all the hard work that you put into it.  We are going to print them off and have them mounted on the back of the painting when it is framed.  Everyone who sees the painting is blown away by how fantastic it is, and several have been convinced that it is actually a photo of Bailey.

The portrait arrived on Tuesday as you said it would, and my daughter wrapped it with me and hid it under her bed until it was time to give it to Andrew on the Wednesday.  We now have a perfect portrait of Bailey.  Thank you so much.

I would have no hesitation in recommending you to friends and family if anyone should want a portrait of their animal done.  We have two horses as well and photos of them may be coming your way at some point in the future."  H Davenport  (View Bailey's portrait in Dog Gallery I, Before and After Examples and Creating Your Portrait.)



"My portrait of Jasmine has just been received and it is phenomenal.  Thank you so much.  Another one to add to my growing collection.  I will be in touch again soon with more commissions!!"  

"I have to say I can't stop looking at my new portrait it is soooo Jasmine and you captured her eyes brilliantly.  I honestly don't know how you do it.  Your portraits look really life like.  Also on the many pet portrait websites I looked on before I found yours most artists usually specialise in being able to draw/paint one particular animal but you can do everything.  It is such a stunning talent you have I am very envious. As I said in my last e-mail I would like to commission some more portraits.  I was wondering how busy you were to do a portrait of Milly a 5" x 5" for my mum and dad's anniversary....They would like to have her done together with Mia when they are fully grown but I thought it might be nice to have her (Milly) individually done now for them...Many thanks again for my Jasmine portrait.  I cannot wait to have it framed". S Johnson  (View Jasmine's portrait in the Cat Gallery.)



"Mum didn't let me see the finished article before Xmas so when my partner unwrapped it it was a surprise for us both....my other half didn't say any thing for a little while then gave me a hug and took the portrait back up to my mums bedroom 'to stay safely out of the way' whilst the rest of the days events and gift swapping unfolded. Mum and I didn't miss the fact that it took 40 minutes for Plum to reappear back downstairs though!  The biggest surprise was the effect the portrait had on my brother when he saw it, especially since it was he who scanned in most of the photos for me and therefore knew about the portrait.. He got quite sentimental for a few minutes when he saw it...She really was a treasured family pet."  R Beckett  (View Toffee's portrait in Dog Gallery I.)



"The portrait arrived on Tuesday, all safe and well, thank you!!  It is amazing....it was just like how it should be!  Thank you so so so much for all this, all your hard work has definitely paid off!!....Just to let you know that Dad loved his portrait!  He thought it was really good and it is now hanging where everyone can see it!  Thanks once again."  E Wilkinson (View Milly's framed portrait in Miniatures Gallery 1.)



"What  can I say, the portrait is..... Mr Brewster.  I cannot thank you enough......The portrait arrived safely at my daughters which I had a look at yesterday...... It's perfect.  The detail is absolutely superb and will keep our boy with us for all time.  Many many thanks, and a very happy Xmas."  B Carter  (View Mr Brewster's portrait in the Horse Gallery.)



"Just to let you know that Katie was very pleased with her portrait of Jet, and it is a very successful present admired by everybody who has  seen it....Thanks again Nicky for a unique and special portrait, beautifully done."  S Hunston  (View Jet's portrait in Dog Gallery I.)



"I am delighted with your portrait of Archie. What brilliant detail, you have captured him absolutely as he is. Its a wonderful birthday present and I will certainly pass your business cards to all my friends with animals."  S Symons  (View Archie's portrait in Dog Gallery I.)



"Thank you very much for the beautiful 2nd portrait of Misty. I loved the first one, my own gift, and the latest is even better. We packaged it up and left it in Graeme and Lorraine's flat ready for their homecoming from honeymoon. They were absolutely delighted with the surprise gift and, I am sure, it will take pride of place in their home."  H Dick



"Thank you so much for the portrait. My wife loves it and can't stop looking at the portrait.  As you know Tommy was run over in Sept last year it has been hard for my wife to accept.  I wanted to give her something that would remind her of him, rather than of him doing something.  As normal photos' do.  This was the perfect gift and he now appears timeless with Sally, who thankfully is still here with us.  When she opened the gift, she was overcome with emotion.  Which I expected.  However she was delighted with the detail of both Tommy and Sally and how you have painted them as if you knew them.  Brilliant, she was so happy with the gift and went some way to making her birthday so special.  All there is left to say is thank you so much for the wonderful work and being so professional, helpful and understanding.  I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone intersted in a similar gift."  A Silver  (View Tommy and Sally's portrait in the Cat Gallery.)



"Rowanne's portrait has just arrived it is absolutely stunning.  Thank you sooo much.  I'm afraid I can't wait until Christmas Day so Mum is going to have an early Christmas present!  I will let you know her reaction tomorrow.  Thank you once again."

"I must confess I was naughty and gave it to them, mum and dad yesterday.  Sorry.  I know there is only a few more days to Christmas but I was just too excited.  It's a compliment to how good your work is.  Mum and dad were thrilled with it and will be dropping you a line in the next couple of days.  Thank you very much for all the portraits you have done for me so far and hopefully I will get some more done in the near future. There is the cat to do yet!!"  S Johnson  (View Rowanne's portrait in the Horse Gallery.)




"...we absolutely LOVE your creation.  The "Mr. Tipps" alpaca painting will allow us to fondly remember him always.  Thanks so much!  Blane & Nancy Sommer  (View Mr Tipps' portrait in the Gallery of Other Animals and Birds.)



"Received my 40th birthday present from husband.  Wasn't sure what he was up to the past few months, but what a surprise.  I had tears in my eyes.  I am absolutely over the moon.  Thank you for taking the pictures and for all your trouble.  I've had Perry for 32 years and can't believe the likeness and how you have captured his character in the picture.  I would have no hesitation in recommending you to my family and friends.  It is absolutely fantastic.  Thank you."  N Povey  (View Perry's portrait in the Horse Gallery.)



"I recently commissioned Nicky to do a portrait of my friend's 3 cats.  I was in quite a rush for the portrait as it was my friend's 40th birthday and the portrait was completed in around 4 weeks without any compromise on the portrait quality.  I have to say that she was overjoyed with the result and she and I cannot believe how lifelike the portrait looks.  It takes a very special talent to re-create a portrait like that from a basic e-mailed photograph.  I will definitely be coming back to Nicky for any future requirements and would recommend the sheer quality of work to anybody."  D Moxon  (View PP, Coco and Charli's portrait in the Cat Gallery.)



"We have been meaning to thank you for the superb painting of Sam & Sherri which our daughter commissioned with you back in the Spring.  She may have told you that it was to be a 25th Wedding Anniversary present which the children were giving us when on a family holiday. It is absolutely stunning and makes a wonderful memory of Sam & Sherri.  Unfortunately we lost Sherri two years ago but Sam was very impressed with it and got very chilled out whilst we all enjoyed ourselves.  The portrait is so life-like and will certainly look good on the wall in pets' corner.  Feel free to use Sam & Sherri in your Gallery if you wish.  Many thanks."  T & J Irons  (View Sam and Sherri's portrait in Dog Gallery I.)



"Just to let you know that Karin loved the portrait and thought you had done an excellent job.  There were a few tears!  Thank you again."

"Jackson's portrait came this morning.  I am so pleased with it, it is exactly what I was looking for when I first thought about the idea of a portrait.  You have done an excellent job, especially considering the size of the photo you had to work with.  Thank you so much, I'm sure that Karin is going to love it.  I'll be sure to email you again after she has seen it herself. Thanks again."  R Shepherd



"I got Sasha's portrait in the post this morning and it's really lovely!  I'm sure Dad is going to love it....I'm going to show my friends the portrait and will be singing your praises!  I'm sure I'll be commissioning another from you.  I have a cat who is not long for this world and I know I would love a portrait of him!  Thank you so much."  C Willett



"Jubi's portrait arrived safe and sound and is absolutely phenomenal.  The detail is just amazing I cannot stop looking at it.  You are very talented.  I am hoping when I have saved enough money and when Jubi has shredded all of his winter coat to ask you to do me another portrait of him in his summer coat, as he looks a completely different pony and perhaps one done of our cat!!!  My mum was so impressed with Jubi's portrait she is also hoping to get one done of her New Forest pony.  Thank you so much and I will be in touch in the near future."  S Johnson  (View Jubi's portraits in the Horse Gallery.)



"Sorry we have not got back to you sooner, we have only just got the portrait back from being framed. We are very pleased with the result and the portrait was highly praised by the staff at the framing studio.....So we would just like to thank you again for the lovely portrait of our two dogs. We are overwhelmed and happy with the portrait.  Best Wishes.  PS   If we ever get another pet we will sure be in touch."  J & J Abbott



"Thanks so much for the superb portraits of Scruffy and Muppet.  Not only was it a fantastic likeness of them but you definitely managed to capture their individual characters.  It was a lovely surprise for Alan and he was thrilled.  If I hear of anyone who is looking for an artist to portray their pets I shall certainly point them in your direction.  Thanks again..."  S Finch



"Thank you so much for the beautiful picture you painted of Dexter.  When I heard that my husband Dave had organised the painting for my Christmas present I was a little worried as I didn't know what to expect.  His previous surprise gifts haven't worked out too well......However this year, thanks to your talent and love of painting, which shines through your work, he has outdone himself!  His past misdemeanours have now been forgiven!  Thank you once again."  J Garratt  (View Dexter's portrait in Dog Gallery I.)



"I thought that I'd let you know that my Dad LOVED his picture that you drew for him. He phoned first thing on Christmas morning to say it was the best present he'd ever had!  The dog was called Rex and was the runt of the litter......So thank you once again for all your hard work and for a truly beautiful picture."  K Gardner



"We've received Molly's portrait today - thanks so much, it's absolutely beautiful! You've captured her perfectly!!  I'm really pleased, and it was lovely to get it in time for Christmas too!  Many thanks."  S Bailey  (View Molly's portrait in Dog Gallery II.)



"I've attached a picture of my mum being presented with the portrait......She absolutely loves it!  Was very unexpected for her and was so thrilled to have something so personal.  It was the talking point of the evening and she very much enjoyed sharing her stories about him with everyone!  He now has pride of place in the Hall as soon as you walk through the front door.  Thankyou ever so much."  R MacCarthy



"The portrait of Gem is wonderful as you know it was a birthday gift for my husband.  It was great that, although for him, the moment was shared with our son.  The picture is amazing and tears were shed.  You have captured her image beautifully which could not have been easy bearing in mind the quality of the photos you had to work from. Many thanks."  A Nash



"....I just wanted to let you know that Rob absolutely loved the picture you did of Jeff, he was so taken aback with it he was speechless!  We have the picture in pride of place in our hall and everyone who has seen it can't believe the likeness!  So thank you so much for making my husbands day and mine!"  A Barker  (View Jeff's portrait in Dog Gallery I.)



"Ted’s portrait has arrived safe and sound.  I’m really thrilled with it and I know my sister will be too.  You have really captured his character and likeness – thank you so much."  J Walker  (View Ted's portrait in Dog Gallery II.)



"Nicky, two words... 'Bl**dy brilliant!'  Sara and I opened the picture late Sunday night. We enlarged it on the screen and just sat looking at it for ages.  It's true when they say a picture paints a thousand words.  My mum is going to be over the moon when she sees the finished product.  Money aside, you must be very proud when realising such a brilliant talent.  The happiness it will spread for years to come is unmeassurable, well done, speak soon."  R Niblock  (View Christian Soldier's portrait in the Horse Gallery.)



"Thank you for the lovely portrait you did of my old pony Shamara, you have really caught her character, it is as though she is looking at me reminding me of all the wonderful times we had together.  She was a very special pony and you have done her proud.  We will be in touch in the future for a portrait of her daughter Miska and will definitely be recommending you to friends and family.  Thanks again."  S & A Soutar  (View Shamara's portrait in the Horse Gallery.)



".......Everyone I've shown the painting to so far thinks that it is amazing, everytime I look at it I see a little bit of detail that I didn't see before, that just makes it brilliant, can't wait to give it to my fiancée on Xmas day, 'Im sure she will love it."  A Cotton  (View Penny's portrait in the Horse Gallery.)



"Many thanks for a super portrait of  Flossy.  Family over the moon.  Best wishes."  G Davis  (View Flossy's portrait in Dog Gallery II.)



"It was a year ago today that Tulip went to sleep forever, I can't tell you how glad we are that you painted her for us,  my husband was thrilled with his pressy of his precious girl, it's such a brilliant likeness of her and she takes pride of place on the wall where we can see her everyday.  We are honoured that you chose Tulip to be in your gallery.  Thanks a million."  J Lynch




“I am writing to say ‘thank you’ for the truly wonderful portrait of ‘Charlie’.  The painting is everything I wanted it to be and more.  The likeness is so good, several people I have shown the painting to have initially thought it was a photograph…..I apologise for the slight delay in writing to you, but I wanted to tell you Stephanie’s reaction when I gave her the painting last night.  She was so pleased with her gift that she burst into tears and she has not stopped thanking me for the ‘wonderful present’ since.  It has certainly put me in her good books!!!!!….I certainly will not hesitate to come back to you in the future with other commissions.”  D Saunders  (View Charlie's portrait in the Horse Gallery.)



“A really beautiful portrait of my parents dog.  They are thrilled with it and feel it is a true likeness of Toffee.  I was delighted with the result – and also the individual, kind, sensitive service that you provide.  Thank you so much.”  R Hobin  (View Toffee's portrait in Dog Gallery II.)



“Your work is superb.  You catch every feature of your subject, and it is as though you are looking at the real person or animal in front of you.  You also have a most pleasing personality, which puts people at ease and makes for a more natural pose.  Well done.”  R Lightfoot  (View Bentley's portrait in the Cat Gallery.)



“Just a few lines to let you know that my husband was delighted with the painting of his mother.  At first he was absolutely speechless, it was such a surprise and he couldn’t fathom how it had been achieved.  When he recovered he was as I said really delighted with the painting and its presentation.  Congratulations on your excellent work and a big thank you from me.”  J Mays



“…I thought I would write formally to say a big “THANK YOU” for the fantastic painting you did of Tara my dear old Springer Spaniel.  I was absolutely thrilled when I saw it and to say it brought a tear to my eye would not be a lie.  I have obviously shown all my doggy friends who have expressed an interest in your work….Once again thank you very much, your work will certainly carry my very best recommendation.”  J Penney



“…This gives me the opportunity to express my total delight with the painting.  It came as a complete surprise and I was choked when I opened it.  You have made an excellent job, and I have shown it to several friends (all dog lovers) who….may contact you in the not too distant future!  Once again, thank you very much, you certainly ‘made my Christmas’….”  J Phillimore



“Thank you ever so much for your wonderful portrait of Benji.  You seem to have captured his spirit brilliantly – and so cleverly combined elements from the three photos.  I’m sure my parents will be thrilled with their Christmas present.”  Dr J Lewis  (View Benji's portrait in Dog Gallery II.)



“Nicky has captured more than just the look, she’s brought the pictures alive with her ability to show the kindness and character of her subjects.”  K Dighton



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