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Faithful Friends Portraits - Beautiful pet portraits, animal art and wildlife paintings in acrylic by Nicky Jones

Nicky Jones  -  Animal Artist / Wildlife Artist / Botanical Artist

Covering a wide range of subjects including Animal Art, Pet Portraiture, Animal Portraits,

Animal Paintings, Wildlife Paintings, Wildlife Art, Nature Art, Bird Art, Miniature Art,

Botanical Art, Floral Paintings



Most of the pet portraits in the Miniatures Galleries are 2" x 2" images, small but perfectly formed.   They are

all hand painted on raw silk using very fine brushes, although other surfaces work just as well.  

You can see more miniature pet paintings on silk in Miniatures Gallery II.


Miniature pet portraits are an ideal option when space is limited, or when an additional portrait is required, for

example to adorn an office wall.  They still have all the detail of a larger portrait, only in miniature.  A number

of my customers have added to their collections in this way.  Scroll down to view some examples of

framing, including paperweights and cushions.


Please visit the Art for Sale page where you will find a selection of framed silk miniature paintings and

paperweights for sale.




(Click on thumbnails to view miniature portraits)

Poppy - Black Labrador miniature dog portrait Sexbomb - Jack Russell (animal art) Miniature horse portrait (equine art, animal art) Jake's portrait - our gorgeous black moggie (animal paintings) Clover - Chocolate Labrador
Tiger - miniature art (wildlife art) Setter Horse portrait Black Labrador - miniature dog portrait Great Dane
Grey Horse Puppy Sheltie - miniature portrait Black Labrador Echo - miniature horse portrait
Springer Spaniel Terrier portrait Tabby cat Crunchie - Jack Russell Horse portrait
Black Labrador Dandy VII Herby - dog portrait in miniature Gypsy Lane Kitty

 (Click here to view a selection of pet dog, cat and horse portraits with their original photographs)



Silk Miniature Pet and Animal Portrait Examples


Miniature Dog Portrait - Milly.  Miniature Tiger painting.  Original sold.  Printed image available as keyrings, coasters, greetings cards, paperweights  


Miniature cat portrait paperweight - Joseph  Miniature dog portrait paperweight - Mia (Black Labrador) Miniature dog portrait paperweight - Molly (Cocker Spaniel)

Miniature dog portrait paperweight - Roly (Cocker Spaniel) - Raffle prize for Cockersonline.co.uk Miniature cat portrait paperweight - Marc Anthony (Maine Coone Grand Champion) Miniature dog portrait paperweight - Titan (Rottweiller)

Miniature dog portrait paperweight - Clover (Chocolate Labrador) Miniature dog portraits (paperweight) - Teddy (Flat Coated Retriever Cross)


Miniatures Gallery II

Dog Gallery I

Dog Gallery II

Cat Gallery

Horse Gallery

Gallery of Other Animals and Birds

Copyright Nicky Jones, Pet and Animal Portrait Artist 1996-2013.  All artwork on this site is protected by copyright law

and may not be copied, downloaded or used without permission from the artist.  All rights reserved worldwide.


57 Selwyn Crescent, Radley, Oxon, UK   Tel (01235) 529895


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